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Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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This page shows the results of races that Junior Ilkley Harriers have run in, most recent races first. (If we've missed any results, please let us know).

West Yorkshire XC Overall League results

Well done to all who competed over the series. The best 3 out for 4 races count in the overall league and team placings. The top 6 in each individual races received prizes and top 3 teams medals.

U11 Girls: 24th Helena Coy, 30th Lizzie Reilly.
U11 Boys: 2nd Archie Budding, 6th Jonathan Archer,12th Alexander Wolfenden, 18h Nicholas Archer, 22nd Henry Nossiter,36th Oliver Pacey, 42nd Ethan Doyle, 44th Bobby Swanston, 45th Sam Worley, 56th Charlie Lack, 72nd Oscar Shinn (1st Team)
U13 Girls: 11th Phoebe Worrall, 12th Charlotte Kenneth, 18th Lucia Stoney, 30th Erin Doyle, 41st Isabel Macina, 44th Amy Brown-Carrera,62nd Neve Tennant. (4th Team)
U13 Boys: 4th Wilbur Summerson, 16th Max Ashelford, 24th Toby Smith, 25th Josh Beevers, 26th George Morley, 56th Dylan Shinn. (3rd Team)
U15 Girls: 9th Bernadette Raven, 18th Nina Pearce, 24th Poppy Anderson, 26th Catherine Westhead, 36th Charlotte Elston, 38th Georgia Weston, 46th Katie Meredith, 48th Emily Kenneth. (3rd Team)
U15 Boys: 20th Nathan Coy, 30th Adam Townsend
U17 Ladies: =1st Bethan Morley
U17 Men: 2nd Dominic Coy, 4th Cameron Reilly, 12th Robbie Matthews. (1st Team)

West Yorkshire XC League race 4, 9th December, Keighley

Results from Gaenor Coy.........
U11 boys – 2nd Archie Budding, 7th Jonathan Archer, 11th Alexander Wolfenden, 18th Nicholas Archer, 19th Henry Nossiter, 29th Oliver Pacey, 34th Sam Worley, 39th Bobby Swanston, 42nd Ethan Doyle, 49th Charlie Lack, 63rd Oscar Shinn (1st Team)
U11 girls –25th Helena Coy, 27th Lizzie Reilly
U13 boys – 7th Wilbur Summerson, 18th Max Ashelford, 20th George Morley, 27th Toby Smith, 29th Tom Threlfall, 30th Josh Beevers, 60th Dylan Shinn (3rd Team)
U13 girls – 17th Charlotte Kenneth, 18th Phoebe Worrall, 23rd Erin Doyle, 39th Isabel Macina, 44th Robyn Anderson, 45th Charlie Macina, 48th Hattie Bishop, 51st Amy Brown-Carrera, 60th Neve Tennant. (5th Team)
U15 boys – 19th Nathan Coy, 36th Adam Townsend.
U15 Girls - 17th Poppy Anderson, 21st Nina Pearce, 22nd Catherine Westhead, 23rd Pippa Threlfall, 35th Charlotte Elston, 36th Georgia Weston, 41st Katie Meredith, 43rd Emily Kenneth. (3rd Team)
U17 Men – 1st Euan Brennan, 5th Dominic Coy, 14th Robbie Matthews. (2nd Team)
U17 Ladies – 1st Bethan Morley

West Yorkshire XC League race 3, 19th November, Spenborough

Results from Gaenor Coy.........
U11 boys – 1st Archie Budding, 10th Alexander Wolfenden, 20th Seth Toye, 29th Henry Nossiter, 35th Oliver Pacey, 40th Ethan Doyle, 49th Sam Worley, 54th Bobby Swanston, 56th Charlie Lack, 76th Oscar Shinn (1st Team)
U11 girls –24th Lizzie Reilly, 29th Helena Coy,
U13 boys – 3rd Wilbur Summerson, 21st Toby Smith, 23rd Josh Beevers, 42nd George Morley, 58th Dylan Shinn (4th Team)
U13 girls – 8th Charlotte Kenneth, 14th Phoebe Worrall, 17th Lucia Stoney, 32nd Amy Brown-Carrera, 34th Erin Doyle, 40th Hattie Bishop, 64th Neve Tennant. (4th Team)
U15 boys – 18th Nathan Coy, 26th Adam Townsend, 28th Adam Mitchell. (7th Team)
U15 Girls -9th Bernadette Raven, 18th Poppy Anderson, 24th Catherine Westhead, 37th Charlotte Elston, 46th Georgia Weston, 51st Katie Meredith, 53rd Emily Kenneth (3rd Team)
U17 Men – 2nd Dominic Coy, 6th Cameron Reilly.
U17 Ladies – 2nd Bethan Morley

West Yorkshire XC League race 2, 29th October, Nunroyd Park

Results from Gaenor Coy.........
U11 boys – 2nd Archie Budding, 4th Jonathan Archer, 12th Henry Nossiter, 14th Alexander Wolfenden, 22nd Nicholas Archer, 36th Oliver Pacey, 41st Bobby Swanston, 51st Ethan Doyle, 52nd Charlie Lack, 57th Sam Worley, 80th Oscar Shinn (1st Team)
U11 girls – 12th Elizabeth Gibbins, 20th Helena Coy, 33rd Lizzie Reilly (5th Team)
U13 boys – 8th Max Ashelford, 23rd Toby Smith, 6th Josh Beevers, 20th Toby Smith, 59th Dylan Shinn (5th Team)
U13 girls – 12th Phoebe Worrall, 13th Lucia Stoney, 22nd Emily Gibbins, 32nd Erin Doyle, 39th Isabel Macina, 45th Amy Brown-Carrera. 68th Neve Tennant, 69th Charlie Macina, 77th Evie Dennent (5th Team)
U15 boys – 24th Nathan Coy, 30th Adam Townsend
U15 Girls -8th Bernadette Raven, 16th Nina Pearce, 35th Charlotte Elston, 40th Georgia Weston, 56th Katie Meredith (4th Team)
U17 Men – 3rd Dominic Coy, 8th Cameron Reilly, 18th Robbie Matthews (2nd Team)

West Yorkshire XC League race 1, Sat 14th October, Thornes Park, Wakefield

Report from Gaenor Coy.........
39 juniors ran at a very hot Wakefield on Saturday. Really good ground conditions but the heat made the hills hard work. Some excellent team and individual results including wins in both U17 races. Well done to all who competed.

U11 boys – 7th Jonathan Archer, 15th Nicholas Archer, 47th Ethan Doyle, 50th Sam Worley, 83rd Oscar Shinn (6th Team)
U11 girls – 23rd Helena Coy
U13 boys – 4th Wilbur Summerson, 11th Max Ashelford, 14th George Morley, 19th Josh Beevers, 20th Toby Smith, 39th Tom Threlfall, 80th Dylan Shinn (1st Team)
U13 girls – 5th Phoebe Worrall, 8th Charlotte Kenneth, 16th Lucia Stoney, 26th Robyn Anderson, 33rd Erin Doyle, 41st Isabel Macina, 52nd Amy Brown-Carrera. 73rd Neve Tennant, 75th Evie Dennent (2nd Team)
U15 boys – 23rd Nathan Coy, 29th Adam Mitchell, 37th Adam Townsend (6th Team)
U15 Girls -7th Bernadette Raven, 16th Nina Pearce, 22nd Catherine Westhead, 27th Pippa Threlfall, 31st Poppy Anderson, 38th Charlotte Elston, 41st Georgia Weston, 50th Emily Kenneth, 51st Katie Meredith (2nd Team)
U17 boys – 1st Euan Brennan, 3rd Dominic Coy, 5th Cameron Reilly, 14th Robbie Matthews (1st team)
U17 girls – 1st Bethan Morley

Withins Rat runs, Sunday 8th October

Results from Kim Anderson.......
U9 19th Robert Carter 3.38, 30th (12th girl) Seren Toye 3.53, 49th (20th girl) Lola Stead 4.35
U11 28th Seth Toye 7.31 33rd Alex Wolfenden 7.35, 41st Nicholas Archer 7.54, 91st Max Stead 9.30, 92nd Oscar Shinn 9.32, 107th (14th girl) Neeve Gott 10.09, 109th (15th girl) Grace Darlington 10.18, 110th (16th girl) Lily Singleton 10.24
U13 19th Archie Budding 7.12, 47th (10th girl) Hattie Bishop 8.07, 58th Dylan Shinn 8.28, 65th (13th girl) Amy Brown-Carrera 8.39, 84th (16th girl) Charlie Macina 9.10, 86th (17th girl) Ivy Cooper 9.15, 87th (18th girl) Senua Toye 9.16, 95th (20th girl) Kitty Hartley 9.36, 118th Felix Weston 10.48
U15 16th (3rd girl) Bernadette Raven 7.08, 25th Harry Stead 7.28, 57th (5th girl) Isabel Macina 8.22, 71st (9th girl) Georgia Weston 8.44

York Open meet, Saturday 2nd September

Results: Eden Hewett (U13): long jump 4th 4m and 100m 3rd 14.97. Archie Budding (U11): 600m 1st 1.53.92 and 75m 6th 11.82.

Hellifield Gala, Sat 5th August

Report from Kim Anderson.... It was a fun day out at Hellifield gala and there were some great results.
U11 1st Seth Toye 8.12
U13 3rd Archie Budding 11.53, 9th (4th girl) Hattie Bishop 13.06, 16th (8th girl) Robyn Anderson 14.13, 22nd (11th girl) Senua Toye 15.21
U15 6th (1st girl) Bernadette Raven 11.58
There were lots of prizes in sprints, egg and spoon, sack race etc and even in the egg throwing! Dave and Eileen were there to capture all the action.

York Summer league meet 5, Saturday 29th July

Results: All U15's) Charlotte Elston: 200m 6th 30.97; long jump 11th 3m.67 and shot 9th 5m.13; Poppy Anderson 800m 6th 2 mins 35.09; Bernadette Raven 1st 1500m 5 mins 25.88.

Burnley Open Track and Field meet, Sunday 16th July

from Katrina Kennedy ..... Fantastic day at Burnley Athletics open meeting. All three of our athletes competing came home with a medal. Archie Budding won gold in 600m bronze in the 75m and bronze in the cricket ball throw. Farrah Kennedy-Harting won bronze in shot putt and Tom McCarthy getting silver in the 150m. Brilliant effort.

Results: Tom McCarthy (U9): 50m heat, 1st 8.2 and final 5th 9.0; long jump 5th 2m.84; 150m 2nd 24.3. Farrah Kennedy Harting (U11); 2,72kg shot 3rd 4m.14; cricket ball 7th 16m.18; 75mheat 3rd 12.9. Archie Budding (u11): 75m heat 2nd 11.5 and final 3rd 11.4; cricket ball 3rd 28.85; 600m 1st 1.53.7.

Washburn Valley Relays, Friday 14th July

All 6 Ilkley teams did brilliantly. There were 24 teams altogether and 96 finishers. The teams in 1st and second place took 31.34 and 32.22 and our team places and times were:
Team 1: 8th in 34.26. Will Campbell (8), Archie Budding (10), Holly Fox (11), Adam Mitchell (14)
Team 2: 3rd in 32.52. Ethan Doyle (9), Max Ashelford(11), Erin Doyle (11), Harry Stead (13)
Team 3: 4th in 33.23. Charley Catchpole (8), Hattie Bishop (10), Tom Threlfall (11), Tom Jackson (13)
Team 4: 5th in 33.45. Alexander Wolfenden (9), Nicholas Archer (10), Georgia Weston (12), Charlotte Elston (13)
Team 5: 13th in 36.34. Farrah Kennedy Harting (10), Senua Toye (12) Max Stead (10), Adam Townsend (14)
Team 6: 10th in 35.50. Isabelle Clough(9), Jonathan Archer(10), Keiran Green(12), Louis Curran(14)
With the rules regarding team make up and the results in front of me the fastest team we could have put out would have taken 31.19 and that would have given us 1st place (Alexander, Charlotte, Adam Mitchell and Archie). Next year.....

More importantly anyone who ran it last year had a faster time this year. Individual mile times were:
Will Campbell (9.13, 51st) Archie Budding (7.44, 5th) Holly Fox (10.11, 76th) Adam Mitchell (7.18, 1st)
Ethan Doyle (8.28, 33rd) Max Ashelford (7.45, 6th) Erin Doyle (8.28, 33rd) Harry Stead (8.12, 21st)
Charley Catchpole (8.32,34th) Hattie Bishop (8.32,34th) Tom Threlfall (8.02,15th) Tom Jackson (8.09, 18th)
Alexander Wolfenden (8.00, 13th) Nicholas Archer (8.12, 21st) Georgia Weston (9.16, 52nd) Charlotte Elston (8.17, 26th)
Farrah Kennedy Harting (10.26, 81st) Senua Toye (9.18, 54th) Max Stead (9.23, 58th) Adam Townsend (7.27, 2nd)
Isabelle Clough (10.27, 82nd) Jonathan Archer (7.52, 8th) Keiran Green ( 9.39, 67th) Louis Curran (7.52, 8th)

Thank you to all competitors, parents and supporters. This is a fun relay to end our summer season and it is great to see so many juniors wanting to take part.

York Summer league meet 4, Sunday 2nd July

Results: Charlotte Elston (U15): high jump 4th 1m.35 and 1500m, 2nd 5 mins 53.5.

England Mountain Running selection and results

Results..... Euan Brennan and Bethan Morley competing for England at the International Mountain Running Youth Cup in Gagliano del Capo, Italy on Saturday 24th June. Euan came 5th overall and led the boys team to a Bronze medal and Bethan came 14th and led her team to 6th place overall. Very well done to both on such outstanding results.

Selection...... Euan Brennan and Bethan Morley who have been selected to compete in an England vest at the International Youth Cup for Mountain Running. The event takes place at Gagliano del Capo, Italy on 24th June. England has a strong record in this event, regularly winning team and individual medals, including a bronze by Jonny Brownlee back in 2007. Team members are all under 18.

Their route to gaining selection: Euan won the trial for this event to earn his first international mountain running vest. He was 4th in the 2016 British Mountain Running Championships. A strong cross country runner, Euan was 11th in this year’s English Schools Cross Country Championships and 4th in the Yorkshire County Championships. Euan is currently leading the U17 English Fell Running Championship series. Bethan was 3rd in the trial and earns her second England vest after her debut at the 2016 Junior Home International where she was the 4th England athlete home. Like the rest of the squad, Bethan has a strong background in cross country. In the 2017 season, she finished 3rd in the Yorkshire and 5th in the Northern Cross Country Championships.

York Summer league meet 3, Saturday 17th June


U15: Bernadette Raven 1st 1500m 5.27.10 and 11th 200m 33.10;

U13: Rohan Smith 1st 200m 29.50 and 1st 800m 2.33.80; Eden Hewett 3rd (out of 16) 80m 11.80 and 5th long jump 3m.90; Oscar Gilroy Bewell 3rd high jump 1m.25, 8th long jump 3m.48 and 10th (out of 16) 80m 12.80.

FRA Champs race 6: Cowpe, Saturday 10th June

Results from Kim Anderson.....

U11 2nd Jonathan Archer 11.28, 14th Seth Toye 12.59, 27th Nicholas Archer 14.18, 49th Max Stead 16.02
U13 20th Archie Budding 15.02, 46th Dylan Shinn 17.25
U15 18th (2nd girl) Bernadette Raven 22.35
U17 35th Euan Brennan 40.09
U19 16th (3rd girl) Lucy Haines 48.05, 19th (6th girl) Sarah Pickering 51.06

Final FRA Championship tables
U9 Lola Stead (4 races), Josie Archer (2 races)
U11 Jonathan Archer & Max Stead (6 races), Nicholas Archer, Oscar Shinn & Seth Toye (5 races), Alexander Wolfenden (2 races), Hayden Lewis & Elisabeth Riley (1 race).
U13 7th Hattie Bishop (5 races), 12th Robyn Anderson (4 races), =34th Senua Toye (3 races), =34th Amy Brown-Carrera (1 race)
11th Archie Budding (6 races), 21st Dylan Shinn (6 races), 49th Dylan Carr (1 race), 52nd Max Ashelford (1 race)
U15 3rd Bernadette Raven (5 races), 18th Poppy Anderson (4 races)
37th Harry Stead (5 races), 52nd Lewis Carr (1 race)
U17 21st Bethan Morley (1 race)
1st Euan Brennan (5 races), 34th Robbie Matthews (2 races), 44th Cameron Reilly (1 race)
U19 2nd Sarah Pickering (5 races), 17th Lucy Haines (3 races)

Ilkley were 4th club out of 37. Well done to everyone especially Euan, Sarah and Bernadette who were 1st, 2nd and 3rd places overall.

York Summer league meet 2, Saturday 3rd June


U17: Adam Cooke 5th 100m 12.41; Bethan Morley 1st 800m 2.15.95.

U15: Bernadette Raven 6th 800m 2.45.68 and 14th 200m 33.54; Ella Hammond 17th (out of 26) 100m 14.33; Sophie Mcilroy 23rd (out of 26) 15.42, 7th 800m 2.53.62.

U13: Rohan Smith 1st 200m 28.77 and 2nd 800m 2.31.65; Eden Hewett 4th (out of 20) 80m 12.06 and 6th long jump 3m.82.

FRA Champs race 5: Whernside Uphill, Sunday 14th May

Report from Kim Anderson..... All the races, even the U9, were uphill only this year so everyone did really well. Ilkley also came 2nd in the team prize (taking best three boys and best three girls from U13, U15, U17 and U19).

U9 39th (18th girl) Lola Stead 7.17
U11 3rd Jonathan Archer 6.23, 4th Alexander Wolfenden 6.30, 19th Seth Toye 7.22, 32nd Hayden Lewis 7.55, 41st Oscar Shinn 8.19, 42nd Nicholas Archer 8.21, 57th Max Stead 8.58
U13 10th Archie Budding 9.56, 37th Dylan Shinn 11.12, 38th (11th girl) Robyn Anderson 11.21, 47th (16th girl) Hattie Bishop 11.59, 64th ( 29th girl) Senua Toye 13.50
U15 17th (1st girl) Bernadette Raven 13.14, 56th (22nd Girl) Poppy Anderson 16.21, 58th Harry Stead 16.33
U17 2nd Euan Brennan 16.48, 18th Robbie Matthews 20.24
U19 11th (3rd girl) Sarah Pickering 25.54, 14th (5th girl) Lucy Haines 26.40

Yorkshire Track & Field Champs, Cudworth, May

Result: Bethan Morley, 800m Yorkshire champion in a time of 2.16.32.

Jack Bloor Race: Ilkley Moor, Tuesday 9th May

Report from Kim Anderson..... There were lots of juniors at this local race on a sunny Tuesday evening.
U9 2nd William Boyle 4.08, 6th Ethan Nicholson 4.51, 10th (6th girl) Lola Stead 5.38
U11 1st Jonathan Archer 3.30, 2nd Seth Toye 3.34, 3rd Alexander Wolfenden 3.40, 11th Nicholas Archer 4.03, 12th Max Stead 4.17, 13th Hayden Lewis 4.18, 20th William Campbell 4.32, 27th (9th girl) Holly Websdale 5.08, 29th Oscar Shinn 5.18, 32nd (10th girl) Francesca Macina 5.49
U13 2nd Max Ashelford 8.28, 3rd Archie Budding 8.34, 4th Harrison Oddie 8.50, 8th Thomas Campbell 9.42, 10th Dylan Shinn 9.55, 12th (3rd girl) Hattie Bishop 10.01, 13th Lewis Boyle 10.13, 14th (4th girl) Robyn Anderson 10.23, 15th (5th girl) Amy Brown-Carrera 10.50, 18th (8th girl) Charlie Macina 11.06, 19th (9th girl) Ivy Cooper 11.07, 21st (10th girl) Senua Toye 11.42
U15 2nd (1st girl) Bernadette Raven 8.16, 3rd (2nd girl) Poppy Anderson 8.51, 4th Harry Stead 9.11, 6th (3rd girl) Charlotte Elston 9.48, 7th (4th girl) Isabel Macina 10.17, 9th James Boyle 11.24
U17 1st Emily Elmes 17.23
U19 (adult race) 16th Oscar Stapleton 44.49, 40th (1st lady) Lucy Haines 48,20, 49th (2nd Lady) Jemima Elgood 48.56

York Summer league meet 1, Sunday 7th May


U17: Adam Cooke 2nd long jump 4m.62 and 4th 100m 12.15.

U15: Charlotte Elston 8th high jump 1m.25; 9th 75mHurdles 14.13 and 5th 1500m 5.59.6; Bernadette Raven 4th 1500m 5.21.7;Sophie Mcilroy 6th javelin 10m, 6th 800m 3.02.01; Hannah Price 12th 75mHurdles 17.82 and 8th 800m 3.13.84.

U13: Rohan Smith 3rd 200m 29.48 and 2nd 1500m 5.21.1.

U11: Farrah Kennedy Harting 6th shot (2k) 4m.28 and 15th (out of 30) 75m 12.63.

FRA Champs race 4: Coiners, Monday 1st May

Report from Kim Anderson..... For this Bank Holiday Monday race the course was quite dry for the younger races but for the older ones there were some very muddy boggy bits across the open moorland and so it was a bit of luck (skill?) as to how muddy you came back. All seemed to enjoy the courses which include the leap over the fallen wall on the downhill to the finish. There was a good turnout with this being the Yorkshire fell championships too.

U11 3rd Jonathan Archer 9.01, 17th Seth Toye 10.09, 31st Nicholas Archer 11.26, 55th Max Stead 12.18, 56th (12th girl) Elizabeth Reilly 12.20, 73rd Oscar Shinn 13.12
U13 18th Max Ashelford 13.10, 20th Archie Budding 13.13, 52nd Dylan Shinn 14.45, 53rd (12th girl) Hattie Bishop 14.47, 54th (13th girl) Robyn Anderson 14.49
U15 28th (5th girl) Bernadette Raven 20.39, 51st (14th girl) Poppy Anderson 22.12, 67th Harry Stead 23.22
U17 3rd Euan Brennan 21.48, 13th Robbie Matthews 24.27, 14th Cameron Reilly 24.31, 26th (3rd girl) Bethan Morley 26.44
U19 14th (3rd girl) Sarah Pickering 39.24

FRA Champs race 3: Anniversary Wa, Saturday 22nd April

Report from Kim Anderson..... We couldn’t make it to this race with other commitments, but heard that the courses were very tough with a lot of climb, but that it was a lovely day, so well done to all.

U9 33rd (12th girl) Lola Stead 7.29
U11 3rd Jonathan Archer 9.28, 38th Oscar Shinn 13.03, 50th Max Stead 14.33
U13 19th Archie Budding 12.25, 32nd (6th girl) Hattie Bishop 13.42, 37th Dylan Shinn 14.11
U15 31st (7th girl) Bernadette Raven 39.41, 59th Harry Stead 44.39
U19 8th (2nd girl) Lucy Haines 37.00

FRA Champs race 2: West Nab, Meltham, Saturday 1st April

Report from Kim Anderson..... The weather was a bit mixed for West Nab with kit required for the older age groups, though it was relaxed at the last minute for the U15ís. These courses covered all sorts of surface including tarmac, grass, streams and lots of mud and some very steep parts! For U13 upwards West Nab was a lot longer race than Cock Howe.

U9 15th (6th girl) Lola Stead 5.40
U11 3rd Jonathan Archer 11.16, 13th Seth Toye 12.14, 15th Alexander Wolfenden 12.19, 21st Nicholas Archer 13.09, 43rd Max Stead 14.36, 47th Oscar Shinn 15.01
U13 22nd Archie Budding 20.45, 32nd Dylan Carr 21.52, 35th (8th girl) Hattie Bishop 22.06, 43rd Dylan Shinn 23.16, 48th (16th girl) Robyn Anderson 24.28, 53rd (21st girl) Senua Toye 26.42
U15 34th (8th girl) Bernadette Raven 23.52, 37th Lewis Carr 24.20, 46th Poppy Anderson 24.52, 55th Harry Stead 26.04
U17 1st Euan Brennan 27.16
U19 4th girl Sarah Pickering 36.10

FRA Champs race 1: Cock Howe, Chopgate, Saturday 25th March

Report from Kim Anderson..... It was lovely weather for the first race at Chop Gate. All the races had an uphill start and the courses were mainly grass with quite a lot of climb.

U9 8th (3rd girl) Lola Stead 6.57, 10th (4th girl) Josie Archer 8.38
U11 1st Jonathan Archer 10.18, 4th Seth Toye 11.18, 14th Nicholas Archer 13.16, 20th Max Stead 14.36, 26th Oscar Shinn 15.03
U13 7th Archie Budding 11.17, 14th (2nd girl) Hattie Bishop 11.58, 25th (8th girl) Robyn Anderson 13.18, 28th Dylan Shinn 13.45, 31st (11th girl) Senua Toye 15.05
U15 32nd (9th girl) Poppy Anderson 14.34, 45th Harry Stead 15.50
U17 1st Euan Brennan 16.11
U19 14th (3rd girl) Sarah Pickering 21.47

Senior indoor Combined events, Heptathlon, EIS, Sheffield, 7-8 January 2017

Well done to Harry Maslen who was competing in the senior men's indoor heptathlon championships at EIS, Sheffield over the weekend. With performances of 7.37 (60m), 6.41 (LJ), 11.04 (shot), 1.84 (HJ), 8.65 (60Hurdles), 4.21 (PV) and 2.48.04 (1000m) he was 8th overall (out of 30 competitors) and 3rd U23 with 4928 points.

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