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Nell Bank Relays & League Awards
Junior Ilkley Harriers, established 2003

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2022 Details

Saturday 19th March 2022, Nell Bank Centre, Ilkley.

This event is restricted to KS2 children from the 12 Wharfedale Primary Schools in the League.

Nell Bank is a DOG FREE AREA so please leave your dog at home or in the car. Refreshments, changing and toilet facilities are available at Nell Bank but all activity areas are strictly out of bounds. We will be using the Nell Bank field for the relay (map below). Please try to park at the Swimming Pool and walk through. One teacher/adult representative from each school may park in the small car park at Nell Bank.

Relays map

Relay Format
Teams of 3 runners in 3 categories - all girls, all boys and mixed. There will be two separate Relay races. One for U11 (Years 5/6 in any combination) and the second for U9 (Years 3/4 in any combination). Stay within age categories, have 3 different runners per team and no doubling up across teams. Schools can enter as many teams as they like.

U11's (Years 5/6) will do a 6 x one lap relay. Leg 1 runner hands over to leg 2 --> leg 3 --> leg 1 --> leg 2 --> leg 3 --> finish. So all three runners will do two laps.
U9's (Years 3/4) will do a 3 x one lap relay. Leg 1 runner --> Leg 2 --> leg 3 --> finish.

Proposed schedule:
9 - 9.20 Register teams - confirm/change runners names & collect race numbers.
9.25 Course/relay format briefing for all Year 5/6 Relay runners.
9.30 - 10am Year 5/6 Relays.
10am* Yr 3/4 Relay runners briefing. * after last 5/6 finisher if later than 10 am
10-05 - 10.25 Year 3/4 Relays.
10.30* Presentation of Awards. (* or earlier/later after last 3/4 finisher)

The Award presentation is likely to finish at 11.20 and we would like everyone to stay until the end. After the U9 relay please could children assemble with their schools on the field/car park and walk up to the amphitheatre together accompanied by a teacher or responsible adult. Children will be asked to remove their footwear and leave them outside before taking their seats in the amphitheatre.

Presentation of Awards
The top twenty runners* in each of the 8 League competitions will be presented with awards plus any additional children who have competed in 4 of the races (* best 4 out of 5 results). Please encourage as many of these children as possible to be present. The following certificates and engraved plates will be awarded.
Relay certificate to 1st,2nd,3rd placed teams in U9/U11 races - Girls, Boys, Mixed.
Engraved plate to 1st,2nd,3rd placed individuals in League competitions- G/B, 3,4,5,6
Certificates to 1st - 20th placed individuals in League competitions - G/B, 3,4,5,6.

Pre-Enter Teams
In order for the day to run as smooth as possible we would like schools to pre-enter teams (give runners name in running order, Relay category (Girls/Boys/Mixed) and whether U9 (Years 3/4) or U11 (Years 5/6). If team changes need to be made it should be done between 9am and 9.20 on race day or by e-mail to Felicity Tomblin before. There will be a number of 'older juniors' available to make up teams and run if required.

Race day Registration
On race day could a representative from each school be responsible for collecting an envelope containing team race numbers and safety pins.

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